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The teacher
- background and affiliations

Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros trained under the late Morihiro Saito Sensei (9th Dan) from 1986 until 1993 in the Iwama Dojo in Japan. He has been busy ever since teaching Aikido both at home in the Netherlands and abroad in seminars throughout Europe. After returning from Japan he maintained regular contact with his teacher through seminars both as a participant as well as assistant and translator. He received the rank of 5th dan Aikikai from Morihiro Saito Sensei in 1999 and 6th Dan Aikikai from Hombu Dojo Tokyo in 2009.

Lewis is the senior instructor of Takemusu Aikido Kyokai Nederland (TAKN) and is associated through seminar and examination activities with a network of dojo's practicing the same style. Takemusu Aikido in the Netherlands is affiliated with Aikido Nederland (AN) and with Takemusu Aikido Kyokai (TAK) in Europe.