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Spanish translation of Syllabus now out

Nosotros tambien hablamos español :)

The Spanish translation of the syllabus is now available. Again a big thank you to all the people who helped translate it! You can find it here.

Lars, July 12, 2020

Aikido Challenge: Around the world in 24 hours!

Join from whereever you are!

A World’s first! Please join us on this Aikido tour of the world. A unique chance to train with a long and impressive list of instructors, for 24 hours! It is free to participate, but donations to "Right to play" are highly appreciated :)
More information here.
Any questions please contact Sascha Pihan at:

Lars, June 5, 2020

German translation of Syllabus now out

Wir sprechen deutsch :)

The German translation of the syllabus is now available. Thank you to all the people who helped translate it! You can find it here.

Lars, June 5, 2020

The very first Aikido card game is now seeking crowd funding!

Please support!

Andrea from the Kokoro dojo is in the process of seeking funding for her excellent idea: an Aikido card game! Please see here for more information and the possibility to support the project.

Lars, May 21, 2020

TAE newsletter 3rd edition is now out

A must read!

The third edition of the newsletter is now out, as always full of interesting information and insights. Read it before your uke :). You can find it here.

Lars, April 19, 2020

TAE online dojo now open

Come and e-train!

The TAE online dojo is now up and running, you can find the first week’s schedule here.

Lars, March 29, 2020

TAE Syllabus 2020 now released

A thorough re-writing has taken place

After a lot of hard work Lewis, Andrea and Michael have produced our new syllabus. You can find it here.

Lars, March 13, 2020

Yudansha camp, Copenhagen, 2020

Great training and a beginner’s mind

Check out the newsletter!

Lars, January 14, 2020

Second TAE newsletter is now out!

Again filled with excellent stuff!

The second TAE newsletter is now out. The editors have done another great job! What about hearing from an Aikidoka who has trained for 60 years! You can find it here.
If you are not already a subscriber please join here.

Lars, November 3, 2019

First TAE dojo-cho meeting held

A new Way of discussing all things Aikido

On the 22nd of September we held our first dojo-cho Zoom meeting with more than 8 dojo-cho’s present. The idea behind these quarterly meetings is that we as dojo-chos get to discuss different aspects of leading and running a dojo. At the meeting we discussed the theme for and content of the Yudansha camp and workshop in January. Input to our next newsletter and finally we had a good discussion about grading beginners. Your dojo-cho will have the full minutes so please contact her/him for further details.

Lars, September 24, 2019

First TAE newsletter is out!

Read it before your uke!

Our first newsletter is out! Lewis, Andrea and Michael have done an excellent job in putting it together, excellent content and a great layout. It has already been emailed out, but you can also find it here.

Lars, July 3, 2019

General Assembly 2019

28th April 2019

Our annual general assembly was held on the 28th of April via Zoom. We had 10 dojos present, and followed the agenda according to our statutes. The three board members up for election were all re-elected. Minutes have been sent out to all dojo chos.

Lars, May 18, 2019

The Yudansha camp, December 2018

First TAE camp in Denmark

The first TAE yudansha camp was held over the weekend 8th and 9th of December. The theme of the camp was Ouyo waza. As a new addition a workshop was also held on Saturday. Discussions about the following themes took place:

Group 1: Teaching Aikido

Group 2: Ongoing Instructor Development

Group 3: Fitness in Aikido

Group 4: Members and Marketing

Group 5: Special Events

Group 6: Children in Aikido

Group 7: Aikido and its Relevance outside the dojo

The outcome of the groupwork can be found here.

Lars, February 3, 2019